In this short article we are gonna discuss 5 Tips for Iftar. The Holy Month of Ramadan has come, it’s probably the best time to think about how you can make your Iftar is a perfect and balanced meal for the body. Breaking the fast with the right type of foods is crucial to keeping your body strong and healthy. A well balanced and healthy Iftar meal will provide essential vitamins and minerals to boost your energy level.

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Having a good and balanced Iftar is the most important thing you have to do in the Holy Month of Ramadan. A healthy Iftar will help you to sustain your fasting and replenish energy stores. You have to do some extra efforts in order to consume the right foods for your body and intake good nutrients. Ramadan is a huge opportunity to develop healthy eating habits and to cleanse your body. We’ve put together five healthy tips for you to help you find a good way to break your fast and live a healthy life during Ramadan.

  • Control the Portions Intake

Eating heavy food portion may lead to heavy weight gain. It might result in a feeling of discomfort and a distended stomach. So must remember to moderate and control the portion to accommodate the various type of food that is available during Ramadan for Iftar. Royal Jelly 5000 is a good source of healthy protein for your body after a whole day of fasting. It is a great option to add to your Iftar, it has many benefits for, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and haptic system. It will give you extra energy for correct metabolic functioning and improves your mental and physical state.

  • Balance Your Meal

You have been fasting the whole day and now your body wants everything. Don’t stuff it with unhealthy food. Take a well-balanced meal on Iftar times it will serve your body well during Ramadan and after Ramadan. Try to divide your meal into three different portions: 1 quarter of carbohydrates, another for meat and their replacements, and then finally cooked vegetables and salads. This will cover the nutritional requirements of your body during Ramadan. Add Cream Honey with Echinacea to your Iftar instead of sugar. It’s a natural sweetener and this is produced by pure bee’s nectar. This will gives you minerals and vitamins. Add some fruits and dry fruits to your Iftar it will boost your energy.

  • Vary What You Are Eating

Sticking to same one kind of food during Ramadan will not give enough nutrients to your body. Always try to vary your food intake to provide all essential nutrients to your body. And for additional health-related benefits, always vary your Iftar selections within your month or week. You are fasting every single day so your body will lack some essential mineral and components, which means it can be more vulnerable to diseases if you are not taking the right food. Add some amount of Propolsaft it will protect you from diseases during Ramadan and defense your body from in antibacterial activities and plays a key role in immuno-modulation.

  • Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

Hydration is more important for your body than food. When you break your fast take a lot of water and liquids. You need to slowly flood your body with water to stay hydrated. Also, you will be fasting again after a few hours so make sure your body is completely hydrated after every iftar. Take a Propolis Capsule with water, this will give your body essential amino acids vitamins, and trace minerals. It will contribute to your respiratory system normalization process.

  • Avoid Fried and foods high in fat, salt and sugar

Try to make your favorite after receipts at home by stewing, baking, roasting, steaming or grilling and avoid frying. You need to stay away from the foods high in fat, salt and sugar as much as you can. Give healthy food to your body and it will give you a healthy life.

Final Words about 5 Tips for Iftar

Iftar is a very special and precious gathering for us to enjoy with friends and family. That’s why it’s necessary to make wise meal choices, to feel fulfilled and healthier. But most significantly, having a good and healthy Iftar every day will definitely help you stay energetic and nourished all thought in the month of Holy Ramadan. Add the above-mentioned products in your routine to get more energy and benefits and having a productive Ramadan insha’ Allah!

We wish you a Happy, Healthy and Blessed Ramadan, and may your meals and homes be blessed. Ameen!

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