In this informative article we are gonna show 5 Tips for Suhoor. The blessed month of Ramadan provides a great cleanse for both the spirit and the body. With a hectic schedule, however, you may experience dehydration or low energy levels during your fast.

5 Tips for Suhoor | Healthy Suhoor Tips | Don’t miss it

The key to spending a productive Ramadan is being smart with your Suhoor menu. Here are 5 suhoor tips that will keep you full and active throughout the day.

  • Include Honey and Other Honeybee Products

Have some honey – it’s Sunnah! Being a natural sweetener it can help you avoid the adverse effects of refined sugar. Honey, propolis, and royal jelly all have been proven to have numerous health benefits.

Along with its medicinal uses, honey can help you stay energized throughout the day. Try Marnys® Creamy Honey products as a substitute for processed sugar. The benefits of this organic superfood will stay with you throughout your fast and beyond.

If you need an extra boost, try Marnys® Royal Jelly 5000. One vial of this formulation of royal jelly, bee pollen, and propolis before you start your suhoor will help you cope well with stressful days.

To further strengthen immunity, you can try out another honeybee product – propolis, a useful supplement extracted from beehives. Have a single Marnys® propolis capsule with your Suhoor meal.

In case your throat dries out often during your fast and becomes sore, you can try Marnys® soothing Propolsaft syrup. It combines both propolis and honey and works well for respiratory infections and nasal congestion too.

  • Avoid Foods that Make You Thirsty

If you need to keep the thirst at bay, avoid salty foods, spicy foods, refined sugar, excessive caffeine, asparagus, protein-heavy diets, deep-fried foods, and herbal supplements during suhoor.

  • Whole Grains Are Your Best Friends

Whole grains are a natural, more beneficial substitute to processed cereals with high sugar content. Try some whole grain bread or muesli for suhoor – the high fiber content will keep you full during the day.

Dates are another popular suhoor option, being high in fiber as well as carbohydrates, essential vitamins, and minerals like potassium.

  • Stay Hydrated without Overfilling

Include a portion of fruits and vegetables rich in water, fiber, and minerals as part of your meal. Their water content along with natural sugars will keep you hydrated and energized.

Try drinking water at a lukewarm temperature to ease digestion. Two 8-ounce glasses of water at suhoor should be good enough to get you through the day.

  • Balance Your Meal With Proteins and Fats

We have already recommended carbs (honey products and whole grain items), fruits, and vegetables. For a balanced diet, you’ll need some healthy protein and fat as well.

Eggs, dairy, and steak are good protein options. A small portion of nuts, a portion of whole milk, cottage cheese, or unsalted butter are healthy fat sources from basic foods.

Go Easy on the Food!

The final word about 5 Tips for Suhoor

The good news is, you’ll be breaking your fast within the day, and won’t be deprived of food forever. Remember that, and be mindful of how much you eat. Your stomach will thank you for it!

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