السعال cough

There are different types of cough, so there are different treatments for each case. We should explain that coughing is a mechanism of the organism to defend itself and try to clear the airways of possible external factors. Therefore, we cough occasionally when there is dust or other pollutants in the air.

Why does a cough occur?

Since coughing is a defence mechanism of the body, we cough whenever the body needs to expel an external agent. Environmental factors can also be a cause of coughing, as when the air is contaminated with dust mites, the respiratory system may have an inducing reaction that causes temporary coughing spells. Temperature changes or emotional factors can also cause the body to react. Other influencing factors include smoking or allergy-provoking foods.

Factors that determine the type of cough

To know what type of cough you have, there are many things to pay attention to, such as the duration of the cough and the times of day when it usually occurs. And also how often and how you hear it. You should also consider whether the cough is accompanied by other symptoms or if the discomfort persists. All this will help to combat it more efficiently.

Types of coughs and their treatments

Coughing may occur in normal situations at a rate of once or twice an hour to clear any foreign bodies from the respiratory tract, such as dust or pollen, but sometimes coughing can occur for a number of reasons, and infection from respiratory diseases may be the most important. Coughing may occur more or less forcefully depending on the individual. Coughs can be divided into two types according to their characteristics:

  • Moist cough: This is a cough that produces secretions and mucus, and can be abundant or regular depending on the cause of its appearance. It can occur when there is a common cold or flu. The secretions are nasal and also produce postnasal drip. It can be found in different parts of the respiratory system.
  • Dry Cough: Cough without secretions that usually occurs mainly in the throat, there is a tickling sensation due to irritation. It is also caused by respiratory infections, and there are different ways to treat it.

How can I soothe a cough naturally?

There are many natural ingredients that have been shown to have a good effect on different types of coughs, which have become an excellent aid to soothe the symptoms. Among these natural remedies is the use of honey as a natural alternative to soothe persistent coughs. Ginger is one of the great heroes for fighting coughs naturally. Thyme leaves combined with ivy leaves can soothe coughs.

Propolsaft a syrup derived from propolis with honey and thyme

MARNYS® PROPOLSAFT is a balsamic syrup with purified propolis, bee honey, acerola, menthol and thyme extract. The combination of its active ingredients has been especially formulated to help reduce the productive cough and contribute to the expectancy. Respiratory infections and nasal congestion are high-frequency events in the population that cause coughing with or without mucous, nasal secretion and obstruction or sore throat, among others.

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