Essential Oils – The Secrets to a Relaxed, Youthful Self

Essential Oils – The Secrets behind this great organic oil. Ever wondered what the hype is about essential oils? Whether directly or as ingredients in different wellness products, a few drops of these natural plant extracts can do so much for your health.

Marnys® have an entire range of essential oils extracted from organic, natural sources. All you need is a carrier oil to dilute these oils, and you can start using them for all their benefits. Here’s how you can make the most of them:

Essential Oils – The Secrets behind | Solutions for Skin Problems

Are you concerned about the wrinkles appearing on your face with age? With wise use of some good-quality essential oils, you can rejuvenate your skin naturally to its youthful self.

Combine Marnys® peppermint, ylang ylang, and lavandin essential oils, and add 4 drops of the mix to your night cream. This anti-aging blend of skin-friendly natural ingredients is a popular remedy for wrinkles. Moreover, fungal skin conditions like eczema can also be treated by some essential oils like rosehip oil. As a cure for foot fungus, try tea-tree and clove essential oils in an aloe vera or rosehip carrier.

No discussion of skin problems is complete without mention of the stubborn acne vulgaris. If you’re in quest of a proven natural solution to acne, Marnys® ylang ylang essential oil could be the answer.

Rosemary, tea-tree, and peppermint essential oils diluted in a jojoba or argan carrier oil can be the ultimate solution to dark spots, blemishes, and blackheads.

Essential Oils – The Secrets behind | Nourishment for Healthy Locks

Marnys®’ range of essential oils like rosemary, peppermint, tea-tree, ylang ylang, and lavender essential oils can be mixed to form unique blends for hair care. These can breathe life into limp, dry, greasy, or even falling hair.

These blends of essential oils can be used about 8 to 10 drops at a time, diluted in a carrier oil like  jojoba or argan oil. Alternately, you can add a few drops of the essential oil blend to your daily shampoo and leave it on for 15 minutes.

3% peppermint essential oil diluted in jojoba oil has been proven especially effective if you’re looking for a failsafe hair growth remedy.

Feeling Down? Try Aromatherapy! Essential oils for depression

Many essential oils are therapeutic because of their calming fragrance. This can be inhaled by drawing a bath with a few drops of the oils, sniffing the scent directly, or inhaling it through a diffuser, this is how essential oils in bath work. The scent of orange essential oil has, in fact, been scientifically proven to have a calming effect in situations as stressful as labor!

Marnys® offers a wide variety of stress-reducing oils like lavender and citrus essential oils. Proven for their anxiolytic effects, these are used in aromatherapy to reduce symptoms of fatigue, mental tiredness, anxiety, and depression.

Natural Upgrades for Your Mind and Body

Marnys®’ essential oils can open a world of wellness options for you. Just take care to do a patch test before you start using one – allergies do exist, so you never know how well your skin’s going to take it!

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