At a mental level relaxation has a lot of benefits; not only is it relieving but it also allows us to think more clearly and creatively as when we relax both hemispheres become activated in the brain. It provokes a sense of peace and quiet which lasts all day long. Besides, these benefits are accumulative and evolutionary; the more relaxation, more peace and quiet.

Relaxation techniques are especially meant for psychosomatic disorders and alterations of the mind caused by anxiety and anguish. It could be prescribed to most people, especially to those who suffer stress (due to exams, work or conflictive relationships), as a psychoprophylactic habit.

The Spanish Association of Clinical and Health Psychology suggests breathing and relaxation as a way to try to get rid of the daily routine and all its problems and responsibilities.

Relaxation technique

Getting prepared

  • It is better to relax seated as it is easy to fall asleep. Nevertheless, try finding a comfortable chair for your back which must always remain straight.
  • Try to keep your feet on the ground and parallel. You can also lean your palms on your thighs. In this posture none of your muscles will become overcharged and you will relax them easily.
  • Wear comfortable clothes, take off your shoes and if you have long hair let it loose; take off your belt, get rid of all sorts of pressure and tensions.
  • Keep a dim light, not too bright, so as to lose concentration or not too dark to make us fall sound asleep.
  • Keep out any stimulus which can disrupt relaxation. Disengage phone or switch off mobile, the telley or the radio and if you wish you can play soft music with water and other natural sounds.
  • Finally set your mind on relaxing and that this is YOUR time; you deserve it. It is all yours to find the peace of mind you need. To feel better and better every time.


  • Take several deep, full breaths before continuing with relaxation. Do a few complete breathing exercises before your relaxing exercises.
  • Focus and rest your head naturally on the body’s axis. Relax your muscles from head to toes.
  • Set your mind on thoughts like: ” I’m in control of my body” “My muscles are feeling more relaxed” “I’m in serenity and peace”-

Mind control

  • Listen to your heartbeat. If it beats faster not to worry; try to control the rhythm by visualizing your heart and whispering” my heart is relaxing with my mind”
  • Continue to mentally “locate” the different organs of the body and try to be aware of each of them. During the first few trials of this exercise, visualise only the main organs. (Stomach, lung, liver etc.). Continue focusing on the different body organs to be aware of each and every one of them.

Positivizing the subconscious mind

  • Repeat the following statements about psychic disorders mentally (for example shyness, of being prone to violence and nervousness…) ” I’m feeling better and more calm every time” “I can relax. I’m the owner of my body and mind”
  • Mentally repeat the following positive statements to unwind from day-to-day troubles: “I’m walking towards a better future..” “Life makes sense when I help other people…”

Other ways to feel better, to conduct our energy and to feel more relaxed

  • Stretch first thing when you get up in the morning.
  • Just walk. Walk for the sake of walking, half an hour every day. You can do 15 in the morning and the other 15 in the evening. Look around you, at the people at the landscape and you will be aware of the details everyday. Keep a pace and enjoy it.
  • Control your breathing and that wil help to control your nerves in moments of maximum tension, when breathing becomes more difficult. Humans only use 20%of lung power. Concentrate on filling nostrils with aire and feel how breathing it out makes you feel more calm and relaxed.
  • The number one rule is to sleep well to keep those fatigue signs, which make us look miserable, down pat. But sleeping well is not the same as oversleeping, but of sleeping better, that is to say keeping it to a normal and standard number of hours.
  • Eyes and bags require special attention. Just cover your eyes with the palm of your hands without touching. gives a feeling of immediate rest. Darkness and heat relax eyeballs.
  • Self massage your neck, temples and scalp to get a feeling of absolute rest.
  • A hot bath helps to recover from fatigue and to stimulate the body. You can also take a shower aiming at shoulders, kidneys, your neck and avoiding areas of difficult circulation such as your feet and legs. If we even massage the skin with a few drops of oil we will feel totally relaxed.
  • Listen to soft and relaxing music; close your eyes and imagine or concentrate on agreeable memories of your life.

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