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Natural and organic ingredients make the best cure for corns, fissures, and cracks in the skin. Condition your heels with the best available product and feel the smoothness with every step.

For many people, heel care isn’t a big priority – there is so much else that comes first, doesn’t it? This is why it can come as quite an unpleasant shock when you notice fissures, calluses, and peeling skin upon having a good look at them.

Cracked Heels – Causes, Complications, and Cure

The main reason behind cracked heels is dryness, and it’s not a pretty sight. While most people may only have aesthetic concerns, deeply cracked heels may, in a few cases, cause complications like pain, bleeding, infection, and cellulitis.

You may have already tried a number of home remedies in vain, or you may be in search of the ultimate solution. Whatever the case, treating your heels with natural, high-quality moisturizing ingredients is the way to go.

Marnys® Dermpure Foot Cracked Heel cream is one product that combines multiple organic, natural ingredients. These can provide moisture and nourishment to the skin and shed off any corns or calluses.

Natural Nourishing Ingredients for Cracked Heels

Here are some natural products that can smoothen cracked heels by their nourishing properties:

  • Beeswax

Beeswax is a natural honeybee product with numerous benefits, especially skin healing. Other lesser-known properties of beeswax include its antimicrobial action which can be helpful in protecting deeply cracked heels from infection.

  • Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has long been used for skin nourishment. It makes an effective barrier over wounds, along with having antimicrobial properties for added benefit. Its natural moisturizing and soothing action makes it a no-brainer when it comes to treating cracked heels. Whether used alone on drying, dying skin or as part of a skin-richening formulation, coconut oil always has potent skin-renewal effects.

  • Shea Butter

Extracted from sheu tree kernels, shea butter is a plant-based fat that has great skin barrier and antimicrobial effects. This is another natural moisturizer that is commonly found in skincare products, thanks to all the wonders it can do for you just by topical application. Cracked, dry soles can be rejuvenated with regular exfoliation and application of shea butter or its products.

  • Mountain Pine Essential Oil

Pine essential oil is made from pine tree needles and is popular for its strong aroma. This oil is also claimed to have antimicrobial effects and may help with skin inflammation as well, unless you’re allergic to pine trees! Due to its pleasant scent and oily base, it could be soothing as part of a lubricant for the cracks under your feet.

Marnys® Dermpure Cracked Heel Cream to the Rescue

All the above ingredients are present in Marnys® Dermpure Cracked Heel cream. It’s 78.48% organic, safe, effective, free from irritants, and suitable for all skin types.

Apply once or twice daily on clean skin and massage gently. You may also use it after a pedicure, exfoliating treatment, or foot massage. With this Foot Cracked Heel cream, you’ll be able to enjoy having luxuriously smooth heels soon!

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