The Benefits of Activated Charcoal For Intestinal Gas Neo Carbon Capsules! Intestinal gas can be quite uncomfortable, annoying and can mess up your day.  Many people experience this kind of discomfort, where you feel bloated and constipated, especially when you reach middle age. This can be due to some medicine that you take, genetics or some foods we eat may also cause bloating.

Activated charcoal benefits | Activated Charcoal For Intestinal Gas

If you are tired of intestinal gas and want to get rid of that bloated and sick feeling, then you have come to the right place. Marnys® Neo Carbon is the perfect choice for you to relieve yourself of the pain. It promotes optimal functioning of the gastrointestinal system, reducing the discomfort caused by flatulence and spasms. This product has active ingredients which assist in removing the excessive gas, ensuring your digestive system is functioning correctly.

Activated charcoal health benefits | Activated charcoal for stomach bug

This product contains active charcoal, mint, and anise and has these benefits:

  1. Active Charcoal – This has a minimum adsorption power of 40% and is made of pure carbon from coconut shells.  The active charcoal can adsorb uncomfortable gases in your digestive system.
  2. Mint – Mint increases bile excretion and boosts the flow of bile, which makes digestion more natural and faster while relieving pain and discomfort of bloating.
  3. Anise – Anise gives instant relief from gas and aids in digestion.  It also helps with constipation since it acts as a laxative, thereby aiding in clearing a bloated stomach.

Other ingredients found in Marnys® Neo Carbon, which make it more superior than the other products are Soya oil, hydrogenated soybean oil, beeswax, and soy lecithin.  The capsule shell has gelatin glycerin and water.

Activated Charcoal For Intestinal Gas | What is activated charcoal used for

Activated charcoal is a form of carbon made from naturally available material like coconut shells and bamboo.  It is taken through oxidation to make it absorbent.  It contains hundreds of pores, which makes it easier for adsorption (Adsorption – a process where molecules attach themselves).  The charcoal works by having the harmful substances that may be causing the bloating to attach themselves to the exterior of the charcoal.  Since charcoal cannot be digested, the toxins which have attached themselves are removed when you visit the toilet.

Activated charcoal how to use | How To Take Activated Charcoal

It is recommended to take the capsules at least two hours before or after meals.  If you take it too close to mealtime, there is a high possibility of losing nutrients, vitamins, and minerals through adsorption.  Take the capsules with lots of water and always on an empty stomach.

Activated Charcoal – Summary Of Usage And Precautionary Measures

  • Due to the way it absorbs substances easily, it should not be taken with prescription drugs until you have consulted your doctor.
  • Take it at least two hours before or after meals to avoid loss of nutrient from your meals.
  • Your stool might turn color and be black. Do not be alarmed as it is one of the side effects.
  • Do not take it if you have kidney disease, gastrointestinal injury, or liver disease. Discuss it with your doctor first.
  • Do not take if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Take with a lot of water, especially if you suffer from dehydration as it might make the dehydration worse.


Marnys® Neo Carbon is the recommended activated charcoal for intestinal gas.  Although this charcoal will give you relief from the discomfort of bloating, remember it is a food supplement, therefore, continue eating your balanced diet.  The recommended dosage is 3-5 capsules, 2 times a day.

Activated Charcoal For Intestinal Gas Neo Carbon Capsules - activated charcoal benefits

Activated Charcoal For Intestinal Gas Neo Carbon Capsules – activated charcoal benefits

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