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Feeling tired or out of breath even after light activity? Want to enhance the weakness in your system? Ferrobine syrup could be the answer to your health problems.

Frequent bouts of tiredness, fatigue, shortness of breath, and similar symptoms of weakness often hint at some underlying health problem. Most of the time, all of these are classic symptoms of iron deficiency anemia. This condition is caused by a lack of healthy red blood cells due to insufficient iron.

Even if you don’t have anemia, just insufficient iron levels could be enough to cause fatigue. A supplement is necessary in such a case to make up for the lack of this very important mineral.

The Role of Iron

Iron has been recognized to play a very important role in regulation of normal bodily function. From oxygen transport in the blood to the formation of basic genetic material (DNA), the availability of iron is a significant requirement for health. However, iron overload can also cause problems like tissue damage, so a balance is essential.

Ferrobine and Its Effects

Ferrobine syrup by Marnys® is a safe and effective formula to restore your body’s iron reserves while providing a variety of other essential vitamins necessary for health. Here’s all it can do for you:

  • Replenish Your RBCs

Ferrobine syrup by Marnys® improves red blood cell and hemoglobin levels in the blood. Only a spoonful of Ferrobine contains above 100% of the recommended daily allowance of iron for children. This is why it is especially useful in cases of iron deficiency anemia.

  • Boost Energy Levels

The nutrient content of Ferrobine can combat vitamin and mineral deficiencies that may have been the cause of low energy and fatigue. As a result, an energy boost with use of the syrup is quite common.

  • Improve Brain Function

The essential trace nutrient composition of Ferrobine makes it an important supplement to improve neurological functions. Iron itself is essential for brain function. According to Web MD, even mild iron deficiency can cause memory impairment. In such cases, supplements may be helpful in restoring memory and learning.

  • Get Your Daily Vitamin Dose

Ferrobine doesn’t only contain iron. There are B-complex vitamins, folic acid, and vitamins A, C, E, and D present along with iron in the formulation.

  • Stay Healthy the Natural Way

Ferrobine syrup consists of a concentrate of 27 fruits, vegetables, and cereals. The natural nutrients in this formula are better than artificial methods of fulfilling nutrient requirements.

Who Is It For?

Adults and children who aren’t able to entirely meet their nutrient requirements through daily diet or those who have some level of iron deficiency may benefit from Ferrobine syrup. Children aged 5-12 years should have no more than 5 ml a day while teenagers and adults should have 10 ml a day, before breakfast. Those with gluten and celery allergies should steer clear of this supplement.

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